Somatix Launches Next Generation Patient Monitoring Smartband

If you had an opportunity to attend our semi-annual Firm Seminar last August in Grantville, you had a chance to experience Dr. Charles Herman’s excellent presentation on the Somatix Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) device and the robust Safebeing Artificial Intelligence platform that
monitors patient’s health, well-being and safety and uses proprietary technology to predict falls, urinary tract infections and risk of pressure ulcers. This technology is proven to not only improve patient outcomes, but also drive Medicare revenue growth through the use of the five authorized RPM
CPT codes.

This correspondence provides you with an exciting update to Dr. Herman’s presentation and an introduction to those who could not attend to the Somatix RPM system. Somatix has launched its next generation smartband. It adds Wi-Fi, heart rate and oxygen saturation to its already class-leading AI platform that can detect falls, hydration (and risk of dehydration), sleeping, activity, and risk for hospital admissions, infections, and pressure sores.

In a study conducted with the University of Pennsylvania, the Somatix system has demonstrated proven clinical results resulting in a 17% reduction in hospital readmission rates, almost 40% reduction in fall rates and urinary tract infections, and high rates of user adoption and user adherence. These clinical results translate directly into financial value as the improvements in quality of care and patient outcomes drive additional reimbursement, along with the reimbursable RPM/CPT codes for the equipment and services.

The next generation smartbands are close to being sold out through preorders, and we encourage you to reserve smartbands for your use as soon as possible by providing us or Somatix with the number of units you will need to serve your residents. The cost of each band is $125, which is paid when they are ordered. In addition, the $45/month monitoring fee for the platform is billed monthly and is not paid up front. According to current Medicare rates, you can collect up to approximately $160/month per resident for the remote monitoring CPT codes billed through your Medical Director. Implementing Somatix’s RPM Devices in your facility will result in a net increase in your Medicare reimbursement. Typically, Somatix charges an initial $15,000 set up cost per facility (which includes setting up your own website to view your patients, personalize your features, etc). Somatix has graciously agreed to waive this initial $15,000 set up cost for our clients.

Please contact us to discuss this opportunity or to place an order with Somatix for its next generation bands and launch. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you will need to have a contract signed with Somatix, which we have already reviewed and approved. If you have questions regarding Somatix, would like to schedule a complementary presentation of Somatix, or would like to discuss this opportunity in person, feel free to contact Lou Capozzi at (717-979-7205 Mobile) or Dan Natirboff at (717-503-3083 Mobile).