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Our Legal Services 

With experienced attorneys providing both general and specialized legal services, Capozzi Adler helps businesses and individuals work through challenging issues and understand their rights and responsibilities. Thanks to in-depth experience working with individuals and businesses of all types, we can handle a wide array of legal matters. Explore our services and contact us today with questions or to learn more.

Health Care Law
Because the health care industry is heavily regulated, providers need to respond promptly, effectively, and efficiently to regulatory requirements and changes. Our attorneys and staff have extensive experience in regulatory matters. We’re committed to analyzing the rapidly-changing regulatory environment and keeping our clients advised on regulatory changes affecting their operations.

Employment & Labor Law
We represent unionized and non-union employers, including those in the health care industry, in disputes with their employees. Although our efforts are directed to litigation avoidance, we recognize that any employment and labor matter requires litigation to be an integral part of representation. Our firm’s litigation experience encompasses virtually any type of employment-related lawsuit.

Fiduciary Practice Group
We represent plaintiffs in class actions and our practice provides access to court for people who otherwise could not afford to vindicate their rights. We bring class action lawsuits by employees over their 401(k), ESOP or pension plans, particularly class action cases where employees are charged excessive or undisclosed fees.

Real Estate Law
Capozzi Adler, in partnership with Mid-Penn Abstract Company, offers a full range of title insurance and settlement services for both residential and commercial real estate transactions. Our services help alleviate much of the stress and uncertainty many home buyers experience.

General Law & Litigation
We serve both organizations and individuals with a broad range of legal services. From business matters, to personal injury and various forms of litigation, we are prepared to counsel and assist our clients with any legal need that may arise.

How can we help you today? Please contact us to discuss your needs. Our experienced attorneys are looking forward to learning about your needs and offering advice and counsel.