Creditor Rights, Bankruptcy, and Debt Collection Practice Group

Admission Agreements for Skilled Nursing Facilities

Because the overall effectiveness of your facility’s accounts receivable is founded upon the strength of your Admission Agreement forms, we’re here to consult with you on how to effectively modify yours to protect the financial interests of your facility. When properly executed by all parties, your Admissions Agreement is a valid contract that provides your nursing facility with certain rights as a creditor and claimant under state and federal laws.

Collections and Management of Accounts Receivable

Our firm’s specialized attorneys provide collections and debt recovery services to our health care and commercial clients. We work directly with our clients to develop collection strategies, provide advice as to specific aging accounts, and take the appropriate courses of action to liquidate accounts receivable and recover outstanding debt. We also conduct cost-benefit analyses to ensure collection efforts are cost-effective and timely.

In sum, our collections staff provides a legal service not found at general collection agencies. We’re experienced in creditors’ rights, civil litigation, debt collection laws, asset searches, and the diverse regulatory, contractual, and family-related issues common in health care and long-term care collections. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in the laws related to Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, and other payer sources.

Guardianships for Residents of Nursing Facilities

Our firm has developed a statewide guardianship practice, and we work with clients to obtain guardianships to protect residents and assure continuity of their care. We’ve developed strong relationships with guardianship services organizations that serve as guardians for residents who have no relatives willing to accept the responsibility, or for residents who need an independent guardian.

We offer flat-fee pricing for uncontested guardianships. We also have experience in coordinating guardianship proceedings with Medicaid eligibility determinations to assure continuity of Medicaid payments.