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401(k) Class Actions

How does the average American protect themselves from the misdeeds of large corporations, particularly those that they work for? When employees of a company are all harmed by the same type of action, policy, or practice they can band together in a class action case to protect their rights and recoup their damages.

We represent plaintiffs in class actions and our practice provides access to court for people who otherwise could not afford to vindicate their rights. We take on the largest corporations in America and the best legal talent that their money can buy. We bring class action lawsuits by employees over their 401(k), ESOP or pension plans, particularly class action cases where employees are charged excessive or undisclosed fees.

Mark K. Gyandoh, Esquire, who spearheads the firm’s fiduciary practice group, has 15 years of experience in breach of fiduciary duty class actions brought pursuant to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). To read more about his background click here. Donald R. Reavey, Esquire, another key member of our fiduciary practice group, helped build the practice into what it is today. To read more about his background, click here.

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