Timothy T. Ziegler

Email: timz@capozziadler.com
Tel: 717-233-4101 Fax: 717-233-4103
Address: 2933 N. Front Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110


Timothy T. Ziegler has a Master of Business Administration from Cornell University and Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Dickinson College where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. Mr. Ziegler also received a Sloan Certificate for Health Care Management while earning his Master of Business Administration.

After graduating from college, Mr. Ziegler spent two years as the controller for a three facility long-term care chain located in central Pennsylvania. In 1983, Mr. Ziegler joined the firm of Shore, Avrach, and Company where he later became a partner. In 1995, Mr. Ziegler founded the accounting firm of Ziegler, Gaudiello, and Company. During his tenure at these firms, Mr. Ziegler’s focus included Medicare and Medicaid audits and cost reporting, tax preparation, reimbursement, tax planning, and appeals of Medicare and Medicaid audits and rate notices for health care clients. Mr. Ziegler joined Capozzi Adler, P.C. in 2006. Mr. Ziegler has participated in settlements with the Medical Assistance and Medicare programs resulting in proceeds to his clients of over $75 million. He has practiced as a reimbursement analyst, predominately in the health care field, for over thirty-two years.